Pledge Pillar 3 Roundtable: Reflecting greater diversity in our work

30 July 2020

Join us for an open discussion all about how companies can represent diversity and inclusive in their products and services.

The #RaiseTheGame diversity pledge is a holistic driven initiative managed and facilitated by Ukie aimed at helping the overall UK games industry grow and improve in all areas of diversity and inclusivity. From guidance and practical advice to engagement activities like events both online and in-person, the pledge is a call to action to rally the sector together and become lead examples of inclusion to other industries.

Though the pledge is managed by Ukie, any games industry company can applied to sign-up and be involved in activities surrounding the pledge, all that is asked is a strong commitment to make a positive impact, the time to listen and consider along with the effort to implement such change. Even if you’re at the start of your journey or think your company too small to make a difference - all companies no matter their size or where they are in their diversity & inclusion journey are welcome.

This Zoom roundtable session will outline more details about pledge pillar 3 and specifically be tailored towards game developers and publishers towards how they can include greater diversity and inclusion into their games and services – what to consider before/during/after production, what kind of support exists to put this in place and overall allow people in attendance to openly share tips and tricks.

Please only sign-up if you are a game developer or publisher for this session; registrations will be reviewed.

With staff members from Jagex as special guests to explain what the studio themselves are doing to implement the aspects of this pillar into everything they do, both as a games developer and as a founding pledge partner.

These roundtable sessions are not only open for pledge partners and supporters to attend, yet also non pledge partners and those still on the fence whether to sign-up or not. A waiting list will be put in place for the event in case sign-ups are more than expected; with the potential of a second round of roundtables to occur if the demand is there.

*Please note the roundtable may be recorded, yet ‘The Chatham House rule' will apply where any aftermath content produced will NOT be attributable to anybody to protect everyone’s privacy.

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