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Gaming Summit 2021

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The world of gaming and esports has grown exponentially over the past decade, with new audiences finding that these platforms offer a tailored and interactive experience that is unrivaled by other channels. This rise in gamers presents advertisers with a unique opportunity to access a highly engaged audience, with innovative campaigns involving in-game advertising and sports sponsorship to name a few.

However, the world of gaming can feel exclusive and difficult to navigate, and brands often find it difficult to engage with this audience in a meaningful and authentic way.

The inaugural Campaign Gaming Summit will present delegates with original insight into how gaming and esports can successfully interact with brands and advertising.  Attendees will hear first hand about the trends, tips and tricks for achieving marketing and brand success in the gaming advertising space through a series of interactive panels, keynote presentations and case studies.

If you would like to empower your marketing and brand teams with the knowledge on how to capitalise on the opportunity to incorporate gaming into your media strategy, then attendance at this online event is a must!


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