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Inclusive Foundations - Introducing The 8 Inclusive Behaviours (Series 1)

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I just wanted to say how grateful I am for the Inclusive Behaviour sessions you’ve provided us with over the past couple of months. They have instilled a new confidence in me, both around what we’re doing as a studio but also as an individual and I’m determined to push ahead with everything you’ve shown us as much as I can in my role at the studio and beyond.

Video Games Professional

Many of us are "accepting" of people who are different to us. But what does it mean to be truly inclusive? What would it mean to appreciate the very thing in another that seems odd, even threatening to us? How do we go to that "next level", beyond "live and let live" or  “we need some diversity around here"? How do we behave in such a way at work that allows us to benefit from the diversity of others?

To be truly inclusive, we must go the extra mile to develop new habits that allow us to better understand people who are different from us. These new habits are what Voice At The Table call our 8 Inclusive Behaviours.

In this, the first of two series of 4 virtual sessions especially curated for Ukie, we introduce you to 4 of our 8 inclusive behaviours:

  • Empathy: appreciating how others may feel.
  • Listening: listening with the purpose of understanding.
  • Mitigation of Bias: being aware of own biases and their impact on others.
  • Personal Values: understanding own values and how they align to those of others.

Showing you how they manifest themselves at work, offer practical tips on how to improve using them, and the benefits of embedding these traits into your day-to-day work culture.

Through the guidance and resources we offer within this training, and gradually with practise introducing these new habits into your workplace – they can become newly developed behaviours that make us appreciate and welcome others' perspectives, experience and contribution in ways that escaped us before.

We could not be happier with the results and the impact we see on our culture now after taking part in the Inclusive Behaviours e-learning. This single intervention has progressed our diversity and inclusion agenda beyond expectations and has set a positive tone in a turbulent time.

Video Games Professional

Interested to start this journey for further inclusivity in your organisation?

Register your place on this bespoke training tailored towards the games industry.

Use CODE UKIEMEMBER2021 for 20% Discount.

Non-Member Cost: £600

Member Cost (with discount code): £420

Please note: This interactive training will be delivered online through Zoom, where the link for all 4 Zoom sessions will be provided on registration.

Worried you might not be able to make the training yourself?

Don’t worry as by booking a space there is the opportunity for someone else in your team to take your place and be present on yours and the company’s behalf. This is an essential offering to this training to ensure small teams can get the most out of the training and also advocates teamwork by encouraging members of staff to catch-up with one another on the material delivered through this training. You will also receive a recording of the session afterwards for reflection and review.

More about Voice At The Table

Voice At The Table are a diversity and inclusion consultancy.  They help organisations tap into the diversity of their people by developing inclusive teams and leaders.  Founded in 2013 by Rina Goldenberg Lynch, they have been working with a range of video games developers over the past few years, as well as other companies within the tech sector and beyond.  They meet their clients wherever they are on their diversity journey and with tools and interventions such as the Inclusion Diagnostic and Inclusive Behaviours Framework & Training, the help you progress to the next step on the journey.  Read more about Voice At The Table here.

More about Janet Tarasofsky

Janet will be the training consultant delivering this content on behalf of Voice At The Table.
Janet will be the training consultant delivering this content on behalf of Voice At The Table.

Janet is the founder of Speaking Rights, a training consultancy that focuses on matters of inclusion in the workplace. Janet is also an award-winning speaker who offering valuable insights into how to better navigate conversations about equality and bias.

The core of her work identifies key elements that prevent equality, and how to successfully challenge norms before equipping clients with the tools to confidently navigate change .

Along with Voice at The Table, Janet has worked with international tech and gaming companies to implement change within the sector through multi-level training programs and diagnostic reviews. and is on a mission to help people have more productive conversations.

In September 2021 Janet will become an Organisational Psychologist after studying for her MSc at Birkbeck, University of London.  Her degree focused on helping companies through organisational change while ensuring employee wellbeing and equality are part of its continual transition.

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