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London Games Festival 2021

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The London Games Festival returns 19 March to 28 March featuring a showcase of 40 new games, the brand new LGF World Stage of videos, panels and documentaries - plus a busy B2B strand for games professionals.

Use this ticket link to book your general admission pass for our B2B strand. £50+VAT gets you 10-day access to the Deal Room Events platform we use to offer professional one to one networking and roundtables - plus entry to our regular social events delivered through other platforms.

Tickets include:

- 10 days' access to our networking platform. Create a profile, find other delegates and connect with them over text, voice or video call. Video/voice calls can have more than two participants so you and your cofounder can join meetings together. All delegates are visible (there are no hidden ticket types) and there are no limits on your use of the platform.

- Roundtables. Industry discussions for up to 25 people cover a range of social impact, workplace and tech topics - from accessibility and inclusion through to production and remote work. These are only accessible by ticket holders.

- Networking and socialising. We're also building a number of quality moments to casually meet and make new connections like you would IRL. New bespoke and partner platforms take the pressure out of organising or dropping in with different links and locations shared to ticket holders over the course of the festival.

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