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Manage Your Mindset Online Course

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This event listing is from Ukie partner Mind Fitness Training.

We can challenge and change our thinking so that we retain a more positive mindset and optimise function around analytic ability and ideas. Using techniques evidenced by neuroscience, the course enables you to understand the basis of a growth mindset and how you can keep it firmly in your grasp.

·       Reframe your response to difficult situations so that you feel able to cope

·       Understand the common forms of cognitive bias that can undermine your resilience

·       Know the best possible state in which you can learn and develop

Book your place now on this must-attend interactive online course lead by Beth Wood from Mind Fitness Training and co-author of Unlock You, published by Pearson.

Attendance fee: £35

Ukie member rate is £30 per person - use the discount code – UKIE

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