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PocketGamer.biz MasterClass: Make a Change: How to Apply Game Design to Real-world Issues

This event listing is from Ukie partner PocketGamer.biz.

This MasterClass is about exploring and understanding the fundamental elements of game balance and game economies. Through clear examples and exercises, you will equip yourself with language and tools to deliver design and monetisation solutions that delight your players, whilst protecting the things that make your game special.

Key takeaways include:

  • How to appreciate balance (and imbalance) when approaching challenges in your game.
  • How to discuss the economy of the game in shared terms.
  • How to deliver monetisation that does not undermine your economy or balance.

TARGET AUDIENCE: For this MasterClass, we recommend that attendees have a basic understanding of the game development process, lifecycle and game design principles.

This class is for designers, product managers, and producers who want to optimise the game balance, economy, and monetisation. This MasterClass would be most suited to developers who wish to take a game into a GAAS setting, but has important content that existing live games developers will not want to miss.


Glyn Fairweather has spent over a decade on the frontlines of Live-Ops/GAAS working British titans like Jagex and Space Ape Games, using game intelligence and data insight to provide end-end delivery of Live Game Content for multiple titles. Glyn now works at Fundamentally Games, providing analysis of titles that are looking to make the leap into GAAS and helping them build their games with live-ops in mind.


Part 1: Balance (60 minutes)

Using popular industry examples, we will look at the relationship between balance and imbalance, and how to approach problems in your game without upsetting the equilibriums that delight your players.

Part 2: Economy (60 minutes)

We will dip our toes into the waters of “Game Economies”. Discarding what we think we know, in exchange for guiding principles, which we can then apply to a real problem.

Part 3: Monetisation (60 minutes)

In the third act, we will look at how all of this plays into our capacity to delight and monetise players in a way that provides a mutual exchange of value, without undermining the economy, or the balance.


Each of the three subtopics listed will take around an hour, and be broken down into the following format, which will include teaching, group work and a chance to feedback and review work.

Part 1:

  • Presentation lecture (20 mins)
  • Group activity (20 mins)
  • Feedback and review (20 mins)

Part 2:

  • Presentation lecture (20 mins)
  • Group activity (20 mins)
  • Feedback and review (20 mins)

Part 3:

  • Presentation lecture (20 mins)
  • Group activity (20 mins)
  • Feedback and review (20 mins)

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