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Tackle Your Self-Sabotage - Online Course

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There are very few people who do not self-sabotage. We may not even notice that the difficulties we are experiencing are because we are ‘tripping ourselves up’ or not removing the roadblocks that are preventing a consistently smooth passage from A to B. Self-sabotage can also result in painful anxiety and the inability to enjoy a compassionate and connected life.

  • Replace the cognitive bias colouring your perception with rational thinking based on awareness and evidence
  • Replace the limiting beliefs, that are preventing you from achieving, with a positive mindset that optimises key systems of the brain
  • Replace the negative self-talk and unhelpful beliefs that may determine your self-image with positive beliefs aligned to your meaning and the ethos of acceptance
  • Replace the reflexive emotional response with a reflective ‘space’ that allows you to manage your emotions and instigate and maintain positive healthy relationships

Book your place now on this must-attend interactive online course lead by Beth Wood from Mind Fitness training and co-author of Unlock You, published by Pearson.

Cost: £35

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