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Tackle Your Self Sabotage Online Course

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This event listing is from Ukie partner Mind Fitness Training.

There are very few people who do not self-sabotage but this has increased hugely this year for some obvious and some less obvious reasons. We may not even notice that the difficulties we are experiencing are because we are ‘tripping ourselves up’ or not removing the roadblocks that are preventing a consistently smooth passage from A to B. Self-sabotage can also result in painful anxiety and the inability to enjoy a compassionate and connected life.

This online course will enable you to:

·       Replace the cognitive bias colouring your perception with rational thinking based on awareness and evidence

·       Replace the limiting beliefs that are preventing you from achieving with a positive mindset that optimises key systems of the brain

·       Replace the negative self-talk and unhelpful beliefs that may determine your self-image with positive beliefs aligned to your meaning and the ethos of acceptance

·       Replace the reflexive emotional response with a reflective ‘space’ that allows you to manage your emotions and instigate and maintain positive healthy relationships

Book your place now on this must-attend interactive online course lead by Beth Wood from Mind Fitness Training and co-author of Unlock You, published by Pearson.

Attendance fee: £35

Ukie member rate is £30 per person - use the discount code – UKIE

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