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The Ukie Hub Crawl 2021: Raising your Profile

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This is part of the Ukie Hub Crawl 2021, a series of 12 different and unique events that cover the entire life cycle of a games business; from incorporation, growing a team, middleware, running the studio, pitching to funders, getting PR exposure – right through to eventually exiting a business.

Taking place every Wednesday 4pm – 6pm, each event will start with an hour of short and informative talks followed by a panel of experts before using the networking platform Gather.Town for conversation and networking. Each talk will be a maximum of 15 minutes.

Week 8 will be focused on Raising your Profile. Join and listen to experts discuss the different ways you can raise the profile of your business or game.


  1. Adam Rowe & Paul Smith, Barclays - Intro
  2. Alma Wishart, Client Development Director & Justin Sanders, Head of Production - Global - Building Fame
  3. Stefano Petrullo, Founder, Renaissance PR - Content Creator and Media Landscape
  4. Adam Whyte, CEO, Edge - Today, everyone can be a creator; now, every business can harness the power of their influence.


  1. James Kaye - Director and co-founder - Big Games Machine
  1. Melissa Chaplin, Head of Client Strategy, Game if you are
  1. MJ Widomska, Founder and Creative Director, YRS TRULY


  1. Networking will take place on Gather.Town in the virtual Ukie office here. Please use your name and company when joining (i.e Leon Cliff - Ukie)



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