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The Video Game Ambassadors - empowering your staff to become educators

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This is an event for UK-based game studios to learn how to implement the Video Game Ambassadors in your studio - an accessible online platform for connecting games industry professionals with educational opportunities in schools, colleges, and youth groups across the country - delivered by Ukie and Into Games.

The Video Game Ambassadors directly supports 2000 young people every month by connecting passionate games industry staff with youth leaders across the UK - to inspire young people to pursue a career in the games industry.

Join Into Games, the UK's non-profit careers service for the games industry, and explore how the Video Game Ambassadors can empower your staff to become educators for some the UK's most disadvantaged young people.

The session will cover:

  1. An overview of the Video Game Ambassadors platform and its functionalities
  2. How to embed the Video Game Ambassadors in your working culture to encourage staff to become educators
  3. A demonstration of the tools available to VGAs to support with speaking and workshopping opportunities - including how to refer educational institutions to the platform
  4. An overview of the Video Game Ambassadors reporting functionalities, so you can keep track of hours spent volunteering.
  5. Tips and advice for engaging and inspiring staff to use the Video Game Ambassadors

“The world of work is changing fast and now more than ever it is vital that young people and those advising them are able to access information about roles within exciting growth industries like videogames.” Aimee Higgins, Director of Employers & Partnerships, Careers and Enterprise Company

Now more than ever, it's important that we share careers advice, best practice, and knowledge with young people navigating a changing and uncertain jobs market. The games industry has never been bigger - and in order to bring diverse new talent into the industry, it's imperative that we start with education.

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