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Training: Wellbeing - Understanding signs of issues & how to handle them - in partnership with Fresh Seed

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Ukie members, Fresh Seed, are the people and culture specialists to the Games Industry, providing refreshing ways of working to revolutionise people management and organisational culture to help the industry grow stronger.

This session will be focused on elevating Line Managers' understanding of employee wellbeing beyond a mere buzzword. It provides essential insights into recognising the signs of employees not thriving and offers practical strategies to maintain a healthy balance between work responsibilities and personal wellbeing. Participants gain valuable skills to foster a workplace environment that prioritises employee welfare, ensuring both role focus and sustained wellbeing. By the end of the training, Line Managers are equipped to create a supportive atmosphere that contributes to overall team health and productivity.

Cost: £150 cost per attendee (10% discount available for Ukie members using discount code: UKIE10).

This training session will take place virtually on Zoom, in the form of a webinar, on Friday, 20th September, lasting two hours, from 10:00 - 12:00. A link to join the webinar will be sent to you when you register here. If you have any questions please contact leo@ukie.org.uk.

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