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Through clever script writing, goose-bump inducing delivery and professional facilitation we bring the barriers to inclusive recruitment to life, and plan practical strategies to guard against different types of bias.

By the end of the Unconscious Bias in Recruitment Training with Actors programme you will:

  1. Understand the ‘hows and whys’ of Unconscious Bias
  2. Have reflected on the filters through which we view and interpret other people
  3. Understand the importance of a robust recruitment process, what best-practice looks like, and have reflected on this in the context of their own practices
  4. Know the difference between positive action and positive discrimination
  5. Be confident to recognise when assumptions and stereotypes are influencing decisions, and to call it out
  6. Recognise different types of bias that are most frequently observed in the recruitment / selection process, and have strategies to guard against them
  7. Experience how micro-behaviours can influence the process
  8. Take away practical know how to guard against unconscious bias in recruitment
  9. Have tangible, positive actions to take back to the workplace and a commitment to help drive change

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