• After founding and running former studio Playbox since 2004 ex Psygnosis and Sony stalwarts Gary Nichols and Mike Clarke formed Atomicom in 2010. The studio has rapidly expanded into a cutting edge games development studio. With a team of veteran game developers the company has so far teamed up with clients such as Microsoft, Sony, Sega and Ubisoft across a variety of platforms from mobile to the new generation of PC and consoles. The studio is currently expanding with some seriously talented gaming superstars and is now working on its biggest title to date, which will be announced later in 2015.

    The team has contributed to big name titles such as Wipeout, F1, Metal Gear, Doom 3, Lemmings and X-Men as well as working with licensors such as The Tolkien Group, LucasFilm, Disney and Paramount - bringing a wealth of experience to combine with Atomicom's passion for creating great gaming experiences.

    From its humble beginnings with the release of Bang Bang Racing on Android to the new, soon to be announced, PC. PS4 and XboxOne Unreal-powered out of this world survival adventure, Atomicom is looking to push boundaries and engage players in immersive experiences as well as building communities around games.

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