• At move.ai our vision is to democratise content creation and enable immersive experiences in virtual worlds. Our mission is to deliver the fastest & most authentic 3D animation with next generation tools for video games, films & social media studios.

    We’ve launched our new cloud-based markerless MoCap platform - aim - enabling content studios to access production-grade MoCap via their desktops.

    Game developers and production studios often have to rely on expensive MoCap studios, cumbersome bodysuits or time-consuming keyframe animation by hand to create the magic of engaging humanistic characters. In all cases, these solutions can be difficult and time-consuming. move.ai is on a mission to revolutionise this space - enabling content creation in an agile, efficient and innovative way.

    aim empowers games studios to manage the end-to-end process entirely, from creative conception to final content delivery. Using an inexpensive, light setup of 4-8 off-the-shelf action cameras the performance can be captured with ease and simplicity.

    The final output provides more authentic humanistic movement than ever before - all the way to finger level detail. Developed using a unique blend of AI, computer vision, biomechanics and the laws of physics, aim captures the physical capabilities of the human body and the surrounding real-world dynamic forces that are placed upon it.

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