Creative Skillset Workforce Survey 2014 – Let’s find out who we are

Creative Skillset Workforce Survey 2014 – Let’s find out who we are..

After publishing the results of their Video Games Employer Survey, Creative Skillset are now calling for people to fill in their industry employee survey. The Creative Media Workforce Survey covers areas like entry routes to the industry, training needs and what the barriers to progression are.

Why, oh why should we all take time to respond? I hear you ask. The more people respond, the more accurate the picture of the games industry workforce and its skills will be. This in turn offers a unique opportunity to shape future training and skills development, for the industry’s benefit. It only takes around 10 minutes to complete and the link will only be available until Friday 21 November 2014 and remember, it is for the greater good of the industry. Please take a short break to fill it in.

Our CEO Jo recently commented on the official release about the importance of the survey, saying "We need robust, representative data about our sector, for our sector. Support from Government for important issues such as skills and jobs in the industry need an evidence-based approach in order to benefit everyone in our very fast evolving industry. I urge everyone who is working in games to fill in the survey to help build a more accurate picture of the industry."

So don’t procrastinate any longer and help better our sector. Oh and one more thing, you are also entered into the running for an IPAD mini if you complete the survey. With that incentive, what are you waiting for? Fill it in now.