relaunches with new features

Children playing games now with extra careers advice 

This week we relaunched our site which is aimed at helping parents, carers, families navigate their way through games, age ratings, and parental controls. 

We launched this site in 2012 when PEGI became the sole legal age ratings for games in the UK. It was designed as to be a community where people could get the information they need to make informed choices about what games to buy and play for children and families, instead of relying on what certain mainstream newspapers say!

Over the last couple of years, our editor, Wired's GeekDad Andy Robertson, has done a fantastic job of guiding people to the games they can play, 

But we realised that we needed more content, such as Two Minute Guides, and we wanted to include guidance around games as a career - we still have an issue in the UK with the lack of knowledge about the industry on players' doorsteps, and that young people can make a living making and selling the games they love playing.

The new site, launched in partnership with the Games Rating Authority (GRA) and PEGI now features research and stories about the benefits of playing and making games, how games help in skills development, as well as video interviews and guidance around how to get into the industry. The first one is from our very own Board member Helana Santos.

Anyone is free and in fact encouraged to use the askaboutgames logo and links on their sites or any packaging for anyone looking for information on safety controls and advice. 

You can contact Andy with stories or information for the site too.