Scottish Parliament Committee asks for evidence on impact of games industry

Scottish Parliament

Scottish games companies: we need your help!

Do you have ideas for how Scotland should be helping its games industry to grow more quickly? Are there things about the way that bodies like Creative Scotland and Scottish Enterprise work with games companies that you think can be improved? You have a great chance to be heard, right now.

The Economy, Energy and Tourism Committee of the Scottish Parliament is holding an inquiry into the Economic Impact of the Creative Industries. They have specifically highlighted the video games industry as an important part of the Scottish creative sector and asked for input on what can be done to help it more. You can read the Committee's Call for Evidence here.

We are working with the Scottish Games Network to gather evidence from companies to contribute to this inquiry. We will be submitting this evidence, proposals based on the Ukie Manifesto and other recent research. 

These are the questions the Committee has asked people to focus on. If you have thoughts on any of these issues, or more broadly on the Scottish games sector, we'd love to hear from you:

  • The role of public sector agencies and the effectiveness of the support they provide.
  • The role of private sector investment in supporting the video games and the TV and film sectors.
  • How the issues that hinder the growth of creative industries can be overcome and how to capitalise on opportunities.
  • How to retain in Scotland those with the necessary creative skills.
  • How to support those in the TV and film and video games industries to develop business skills.
  • Examples of successful international strategies for growing these sectors

We have started a discussion in the members forum where you can discuss this, or if you would prefer to discuss privately you can email Andy directly.

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The Committee have asked for evidence by Thursday 8th January so please get us your thoughts as soon as possible.