Creative industries reach record high - Ukie Responds

Creative industries reach record high : Ukie's Jo Twist responds

Today, government announced in an official release that the Creative Industries have reached a record high, worth £8.8m per hour to the UK economy.

Our CEO, Dr Jo Twist gave a statement regarding the figures:

It is fantastic to see the creative industries reaching an all-time high, and the trend is for growth. The games industry is an economic and creative powerhouse and we expect to see this growth continue as the new tax breaks start to take effect. However, as DCMS points out, the latest statistics do not tell the full story or reflect the true size of the UK’s fast-moving games sector. Our recent Mapping of the UK Games Industry report with Nesta, found that the official Standard Industrial Classifications (SIC) codes for games companies, which are used in these DCMS figures, only cover a third of the industry. It concluded that the sector was worth potentially as much as £1.7 billion to the economy when small businesses and others were counted. We’re pleased to see that DCMS have themselves acknowledged the Nesta report and the difficulties of using SIC data when publishing these latest figures and we strongly encourage game businesses to double check their SIC code to make sure they are registered in the correct industry.


This kind of baseline data about our sector’s size and value is hugely important, and we are keen to make sure the work done by Nesta forms a real-time, industry owned database which government can use. We will continue to work alongside games businesses, DCMS and the ONS to help improve their data and allow us to have a much clearer picture of the UK games industry.

We have published a guide on how to change your standard industrial classification SIC code and urge all games businesses to do so.

Learn how to change your SIC code