Special Effect announces new VPs

Jo's niece trying out Eyegaze at EGX14

Our CEO Jo Twist one of new Special Effect Vice Presidents announced 

Jo explains here why the work that the charity does is so crucial to enriching people's lives. 

Technology is wonderful. It can change, enrich, and impact people's lives in fundamental ways. Technology has also been the foundation of our games industry and how it has evolved over the last four or so decades. 

What we create when we combine content and creativity with technology and innovation has made us faster growing than other screen industries such as film. Our products are played by millions of people across the globe every day and we are consistently the top selling entertainment products, the top category on YouTube as well as app stores everywhere. 

Games lead innovation, we break new boundaries with technologies. They are fun, social, challenging: they make you think, they can take you away from what troubles you. Yet not everyone can enjoy what we make simply because of physical limitations. 

Since 2007 Special Effect has been trying to fix that, and I am passionate about what they do, as well as honoured to be invited to be a VP because I believe that games and technology should be accessible and inclusive to everyone. Our job at Ukie is to advocate and promote games and what our sector does, and this is one of the best stories we can tell to the rest of the world about the power of games and the passion of those who make and play them.

Every penny people in the games industry as well as players raise goes towards continuing the work that Special Effect do to make a meaningful difference to young people. Ceyda is one such young lady. 

Ceyda’s always wanted to be able to play games, as any child would (and adult!) - but she has never been able to because she has cerebral palsy. Her fine motor skills are very difficult to manage so hand controls are extremely hard. Thanks to Special Effect, she now has a big switch to jump and shoot and smaller switches and joysticks to really help her fine motor skills. Watch what a difference it makes to her below. 

Ceyda's mum says it best.

Once Ceyda got the equipment, that was her off [and away]! Her words were “I’m now a gamer!” She’s been having the time of her life. Also it’s something she can play with her friends and not be excluded. She’s now in the mainstream, playing games with mainstream children. She’s now like her friends. Or her and her dad will sit and play football, just having fun. It’s lovely to watch, absolutely lovely to watch. I just think SpecialEffect are amazing, and what they’ve done for Ceyda has just been amazing. Thank you so much.

This year we are delighted to be hosting Special Effect's Gameblast 15 live streamed games marathon coverage on 20-22 February, right here at Ukie HQ in London. Richie and I will be here all weekend (sleeping in my CEO corner no doubt).

You can get sponsored to do your own marathon with your friends too (take regular breaks and be responsible!). Paint yourself blue while playing if you like. Just raise as much as you can. What better excuse do you need to play games all day, all night (again - BE RESPONSIBLE!!). 

More than £70,000 was raised by those who love games during GameBlast14, and this time we want to raise £100,000 to help more people like Ceyda. So please help us do that.