Make or Break: The UK's Digital Future

Make or Break: The UK's Digital Future 

Ukie today welcomed the House of Lords Select Committee on Digital Skills report 'Make or Break: The UK’s Digital Future', published 17 February, calling on government to recognise the link between digital skills, infrastructure and future competitiveness.

The report urges the government adopt a new Digital Agenda, focusing on investment in hard infrastructure like broadband and connectivity and soft infrastructure - digital inclusion and high level skills taught at school from an early age by:

•         making digital literacy a core subject at school, alongside English and Maths;

•         viewing the internet as important as a utility, accessible to all; and

•         putting a single ‘Digital Agenda’ at the heart of Government.

It states that the UK is "at a tipping point. Digital businesses can locate anywhere in the world, and if we fail to provide the right conditions for them to flourish in the UK, we will become a branch economy, much less prosperous and influential than we could be."

Ukie submitted evidence to the Inquiry after the Next Gen Skills campaign, run by Ukie and chaired by Ian Livingstone, successfully lobbied for the introduction of the new Computing curriculum which started in schools in September 2014.  Ukie now runs pilot Mayor of London-funded school programmes training teachers to create exciting new lessons based on games and creative materials to inspire the talent of the future.  

Ukie CEO Dr Jo Twist said: "We agree the Digital Agenda must be at the heart of government thinking, but industry can and is playing a huge role.  Ukie's leadership on the skills agenda not only changed what is taught but is now shaping what children learn the new computing curriculum.  Building the talent pipeline is crucial for the future of our industry."  


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