PEGI ratings expand to mobile via IARC

Infographic: How IARC works

PEGI age ratings expand to mobile 

PEGI (Pan European Games Information) has announced an expansion of its age ratings which means they will appear on apps released on more mobile and digital storefronts in Europe, as part of a global initiative called IARC (the International Age Rating Coalition). IARC was established to streamline the process for getting an age rating for digital games. The IARC process, which makes it easier and free for developers and publishers to get a territory age rating for their games through one questionnaire, is now being used accross Google Play and the Firefox Marketplace, with the aim to roll out across other platforms at a later date. There is no cost to developers or publishers to get their ratings via IARC and the process is designed to be fast and easy.

IARC signals the first time international ratings organisations have joined forces to agree a unified process that simultaneously generates ratings for multiple territories sich as PEGI (for Europe), ESRB (for North America), ClassInd (for Brazil), USK (for Germany) and the Classification Board in Australia. More rating authorities are expected to join up in the future and publishers/developers releasing games on platforms which have signed up to IARC will be required to use the IARC procedure. 

Our CEO Dr Jo Twist said:

We are pleased to see major mobile platforms adopting the new IARC system, making it easy and, importantly, free for businesses that publish games to get age ratings across a number of major games markets. Having PEGI ratings on more mobile platforms across Europe also means that we have a more consistent and clear rating process to help consumers understand which games are appropriate for all ages.  The introduction of IARC, and its ability to give developers and publishers a territory-relevant rating via one online questionnaire, plus the work the industry has put into the system globally, reflects how seriously the games industry considers its responsibility to players.

Dirk Bosmans, Communication Manager of PEGI SA said: 

The market for digital games and mobile apps is exploding across the globe.  With a single click, developers can publish their games and apps on digital storefronts reaching a worldwide audience. These realities have created regulatory and cultural challenges that call for an innovative solution like IARC to help developers and storefronts provide consumers with culturally relevant, legally compliant and reliable guidance about the age appropriateness of the content in games and apps they may be considering for download. It is encouraging that digital storefronts recognise the benefits of this groundbreaking initiative. 

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