Digital Counts Campaign: Ukie welcomes proposed 'robust data collection'

Today, games trade publication MCV launched its Digital Counts Campaign. This campaign aims to encourage publishers, developers and platforms to share their sales data for digital games. The ultimate aim being the creation of comprehensive UK charts of the best-selling games in the UK across boxed and digital titles.

The UK has been blessed with outstanding sales data for boxed games for many years. This data, compiled by GfK Chart-track, is gathered at the point of sale in over 95% of UK games retailers. The reliability, consistency and authenticity of this data has allowed games businesses to use it as the basis for major commercial decisions. Equally, investors and companies looking for investment, use this data as part of their business plans.

The same cannot be said for the digital games market. Without a reliable, proven source of digital sales data companies are making unsubstantiated business decisions, investors are turning away from the sector and companies that are leading the way globally as digital publishers and developers are going unseen by the wider market and consumers.

The challenge to create charts that includes both boxed and digital sales data is immense. But given the importance of such data this is a challenge that needs to be met.

Dr Jo Twist, CEO of Ukie, said, “It is essential to have digital data in order to have a full picture of the UK games market (as the 2014 industry valuation work with MCV proved, the combined value of digital console and PC were estimated at over £1bn, whereas the boxed software was estimated at £935m). As a trade body for the industry, Ukie has tried to ensure that the best, most accurate data is available free or at affordable prices, yet there is still no industry agreed standard for collecting digital data accurately, securely and consistently. Digital data would complement physical boxed software figures from GfK Chart-Track, which is consistently accurate, to give us the best view of the industry. Having robust digital data will help us to attract investment to the UK, better lobby government for the needs of our sector, and track the successes of the growing UK games industry.”