Games biggest grossing entertainment sector of 2015


Games biggest grossing entertainment sector of 2015

Games are leading the way in sales of entertainment products in the UK, according to stats released by the Entertainment Retailers Association (ERA) today. 

Games generated £2.8bn in revenue in 2015, surpassing the total revenues of music and video. The 10% year on year increase shows that once again the games industry is the largest and fastest growing sector in UK entertainment. This was driven by an increase in digital sales, which increased by 17.1%.

FIFA 16 came in second in the top selling entertainment products of 2015 (by number of units), just behind Adele's 25, and was one of three games that occupied the top five in the chart. Call of Duty: Black Ops III was #3 and Fallout 4 was at #5.

Notably, the ERA top 20 chart (by number of units) does not factor in digital sales for games, but does for music. If the chart was compiled through value of sales rather than volume, FIFA 16 would have come out on top - closely followed by a raft of game titles dominating the top 10.

In the seven years that the ERA have been compliling the top 20 chart, four out of seven of the winners have been games, showing continued prominence of games as a leading entertainment sector.

Dr Jo Twist, CEO of Ukie, responded to the chart, saying, “These statistics show once again that games is the biggest and fastest growing entertainment sector, increasing revenues by 10% in 2015. With incentives such as the Video Games Tax Relief and our outstanding creative talent we look forward to another exciting year ahead for games.”