Ukie becomes official secretariat for Parliamentary Video Games Group

Westminster Games Day

This week  Ukie was appointed the official secretariat to the All Party Parliamentary Group on Video Games. The APPG brings together MPs and Peers from all political parties who are interested in and supportive of the games industry, acting as the core network of games-friendly politicians.

As the secretariat, Ukie is now formally empowered to provide support to the group, helping to organise meetings, reports and events and keeping all MPs informed about the games industry. It is a powerful vehicle for engaging with MPs and increasing knowledge and understanding of our industry and its needs, right across Parliament. 

This week also saw the election of Chris Law, the SNP MP for Dundee West, as Co-Chair of the Group alongside Chris White MP, the Conservative representative for Warwick and Leamington. Chris and Chris are excellent supporters of our industry who represent two of the most important UK clusters of games companies and will provide a strong, cross-party voice raising our profile.


Chris White said of Ukie's new role, "The appointment of Ukie as Secretariat of the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Video Games will strengthen our ability to raise the profile of the sector in Parliament to ensure that we can continue to compete internationally.  Ukie has for many years worked hard to promote the best interests of the sector, such as through the successful campaign for tax relief, and I look forward to continuing to work alongside the organisation through my role as Co-Chair of the APPG."

We have ambitious plans for the APPG for the rest of 2016, including visits to games studios, events covering major policy issues such as the talent and skills agenda, and more. It has already been an important part of our success in growing and strengthening support for our industry in Parliament, and will play an even more vital role in future.