Ukie EU poll: games companies favour remaining in EU

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Ukie EU poll: games companies favour remaining in EU

Ahead of the EU Referendum on 23 June, we have published results of an anonymous sentiment survey of our members, which asked what their position was on the implications of a remain/leave decision on their games business.

The survey, sent out in March, before the official launch of the Referendum campaign, reached developers, publishers, and games service businesses of all sizes. We received 62 responses, which represents approximately 21% of our membership. Respondents answered the survey anonymously.

Our board reasoned and agreed that Ukie itself would not to take a position on the Referendum, but it agreed that we should publish the findings and that it would be useful to provide more information for our members and the wider industry, including publishing Staying Connected: Implications of the EU Referendum for the UK Games industry, a paper on issues surrounding the Brexit debate that are relevant to games businesses.

Survey findings

On the crucial question of Remain/Leave 80.6% of respondents agreed that, taking into account the interests of their own company, a decision to remain in the EU would be most beneficial to the UK.  3.2% considered ‘leave’ to be more beneficial with the remainder undecided or of no opinion.

The survey also revealed:

  • Agreement that investment, trade and talent (including immigration) issues are the most important current EU policy areas for games and interactive entertainment businesses
  • Strong agreement that Brexit would “cause uncertainty” and the practicalities of leaving the EU are “not well understood”
  • Strong agreement that the UK would have less influence on EU issues following a leave decision
  • Agreement that access to skilled staff, the ability to buy and sell goods and access to grants, government assistance and funding programs would be impacted if the UK left the EU.

The full results of the survey can be found here.

Dr Jo Twist, CEO of Ukie said:

 Either way the result of the EU Referendum will have implications for the games industry.  In common with many in the tech and creative sectors, games companies appear to favour remaining in the EU but there are many issues which businesses need to think about. So we will remain neutral, as a representative body, in order to give businesses the information they need to be informed about their individual votes.  Whichever way the UK votes on 23 June, we will work hard to ensure that the UK can continue to be the best place in the world to make and sell games.

The results give a clear indication of the industry feelings on the issue, but if you feel you need more information about how the decision will affect your games business, we have partnered with Osborne Clarke LLP to host a roundtable on 25 May, where we will examine the issues in more detail. 

To ensure that your voice is heard at the EU Referendum, you must be registered to vote. You can find information about registering to vote here.