UK Games Map - over 2,000 active UK games companies

gamesmap over 2000 companies

For the first time since launch, the UK Games Map is now tracking more than 2,000 active games companies in the United Kingdom.

Thanks to an incredible response from the UK games industry, Ukie have processed more than 120 data submissions from UK games companies to the UK Games Map, both adding new companies to the dataset and providing updates and improvements to existing company data. As of this morning, this brings the total number of active games businesses listed in the map to 2,028.

This milestone is a great achivement by the industry and proves that by working together in this way, we can use the UK Games Map to showcase the size, scale and geography of the UK games industry.

The majority of new companies listed since launch are based outside of London and the South East, with Wales gaining 9 companies (thanks to a very helpful chat with Games Wales), Northen Ireland adding 5 companies and the East of England listing an additional 6 companies so far.

There's still plenty to do though, as we still have some outstanding data submissions to process, currently held up due to a bug when companies update a lot of games at once, as well as new data coming in all the time. Once things settle down on the games company side, we will start working on data from both service companies and universities / games courses.

See below for the latest snapshot of games companies by region/country, but also bear in mind that this story is still likely far from over. By working in partnership with the industry and spreading the message of the UK Games Map, we may still yet be adding many more games businesses.

Gotta catch 'em all, right?

East Midlands 579
South East 370
North West 172
East of England 161
South West 140
Yorks / Humber 137
West Midlands 126
East Midlands 99
North East 50
TOTAL 2,028

GamesMap Active Companies 7th Oct 2016