Video Game Tax Relief Final Certifications up 12% in 2017

The BFI has released its latest update on the certifitcation of games for Video Games Tax Relief. 

Final Certification

A total of 212 games received final certification in the calendar year 2017, representing a combined UK / EEA5 spend of £249m, or 90%, of a total budget of £277m. All of these reflect an increase on calendar 2016 in which 189 games received final certification, representing a spend of £202m and a budget of £224m. 

Final certification covers games that have been completed and released, and have claimed their tax relief.

Intertim Certification

A total of 182 games recevied interim certification in the caledar year 2017, representing a combined UK / EEA5 spend of £436m, or 94%, of a total budget of £463m. This is an increase both the numbers of games receving interim cerification in 2016 and an increase  in UK / EEA5 spend from £401m in 2016, which represented 86% of a combined budget of £467m - showing that in 2017, a greater percentage of interim certified games' budgets were spend in the UK / EEA5.

Interim certification covers games that are still in development but have been approved for the cultural test. 

VGTR No. Games Annual Certification

The median budget per interim certified game has remained steady £0.4m in both 2016 and 2017:

Year Median Budget
2014 £200,000
2015 £600,000
2016 £400,000
2017 £400,000


Dr Jo Twist OBE, CEO of Ukie, responded to the stats, saying, “It's excellent to see an increasing number of games receiving both final and interim certifcation, demonstrating the continuing demand for the video games tax relief. Similarly, the increase in UK / EEA spend highlights the relief's important role in driving investment in the UK games industry. Ukie will continue to work on behalf of the sector with the Government to ensure both the continuation of the scheme into 2023 and beyond and that it meets the requirements of our world-class industry."