Ukie Hotline

Ukie Hotline runs until the 25th of May. 


Here at Ukie we're always looking at new and exciting ways to help our members. As such, we're excited to announce our first ever Ukie Hotline event which will take place over a two week period in May. Each day will see a different partner take to the phone to answer your questions.

This has been designed to give members the opportunity to gain quick expert advice over the phone. We've had an amazing response from our partners who are keen to get involved and we're thrilled with the diversity of business experts on board.

Please find below a list of dates and partners. Contact details and descriptions can be found below the table. 


14th May
2pm - 5pm
Stefano Petrullo
15th May
2pm - 5pm
Tim Horton
16th May
2pm - 5pm
Kim Adcock
17th May
2pm - 5pm
Ian Hamilton 
18th May
2pm - 5pm
Paul Marcantonio 
21st May
2pm - 5pm
Chris Taylor
22nd May
2pm - 5pm
Christopher Clarke
23rd May 
2pm - 5pm
Thomas Bidaux
24th May
2pm - 5pm
Luke Thomas
25th May
2pm - 5pm
Ting Zhang


Our Ukie Hotline Experts

Renaissance PR - Stefano Petrullo


 Contact number: 07828 692315



Renaissance is a full service PR and Communication agency. Founded by industry veteran Stefano Petrullo, it offers a non-formulaic approach to public relations based on planning, ROI and clear, measurable, objectives. Based on strong relationship with media/influencers and product curation, Renaissance is representing a wide range of developers and publishers within the game industry, from small studios to international publishers and labels.

We would be able to answer questions regarding the importance of a great PR strategy a long with what's involved. We can also help answer any questions regarding events, how they should be managed and how vital these can be in order to help launch your product.


Universally Speaking - Tim Horton


 Contact number: 01480 210621


Universally Speaking is an end-to-end, game services provider for the global gaming market. Gaming is our passion and our only focus. We are multi-award winning in Localisation, Quality Assurance and Audio working across all time zones. With over fifteen years of experience working within the games industry as sector-specific specialists, Universally Speaking is one of the industry’s most highly decorated and trusted game service providers. We are recommended by the industry, for the industry.

We would be delighted to answer any and all questions relating to Localisation, Quality Assurance, Audio (Voice over etc.) and Culturalisation. We have the teams standing by, ready to answer your queries.


OPM Jobs - Kim Adcock


Contact Number: 01206 214424


OPM provides a unique service acting as an intermediary between the employers and job seekers in the computer games and associated industries worldwide. Hiring for Permanent, Contract, In-house and Remote vacancies, we are actively working with 100+ games companies around the world. Hiring the right staff can sometimes make the difference between the success and failure of a project. We can help answer any recruitment related questions concerning hiring staff or looking for a job. How can you attract more staff? What are the industry average salaries? Does the person you’re looking for even exist?


Design & Consultancy - Ian Hamilton 


 Contact number: 07779 096041


An experienced and adaptable UX designer & accessibility consultant. Specialist in game accessibility, in particular for preschool children with profound and multiple disabilities.

Ian is able to explain why prioritising accessibility is important, how to get key stakeholders onboard and the impact of CVAA legislation. Ian is also able to talk you though any specific design challenges or barriers you aren’t sure about how to overcome or how accessibility in general works and how it fits into workflow.


ecommpay - Paul Marcantonio 


 Contact number: 02030 360043


ECOMMPAY is an international payment service provider and direct bank card acquirer, engineering bespoke payment solutions for e-Commerce clients worldwide. We can help answer any payments-related questions concerning products, services, capabilities, license requirements, and more. Building an effective payments strategy is the key to success for any video gaming merchant. So what are the important things to consider? What’s the process for finding a reliable partner? How can merchants avoid the risks associated with accepting payments online?


Eaton Smith - Chris Taylor


 Contact number: 01484 821411


Eaton Smith has been helping a variety of games developers, publishers and others involved in the games industry for some years now through the preparation or review of contracts. Examples include development agreements, publishing agreements, developer sub-contracts, IP licences, music-related agreements and contracts relating to the promotion of games. If you’ve got or need a contract and want to explore what you may need to think about to better your position under that contract, do give us a call.


Plan Of Attack - Christopher Clarke


 Contact number: 07590 509278 



Plan of Attack is a communications agency specialising in video games. We’ve managed campaigns for a range of developers, publishers, technology providers and charities over the last 5 years including Curve Digital, Fatshark, YoYo Games, Unity Technologies and SpecialEffect. We can help answer any questions developers may have about media communications, including when you need to start thinking about PR, how long a campaign should last for and how to reach video streamers effectively.


ICO Partners - Thomas Bidaux


 Contact number: 02081 338806



Thomas BIDAUX is a recognized specialist in crowdfunding, having worked with numerous campaigns, advising them on how to best structure their rewards, how to present their project, and on how build up an audience ahead of the day of the launch. ICO Partners has also built an impressive database on the different crowdfunding platforms, allowing them to have an accurate sense of the current trends and the opportunities for projects of all sizes.

Thomas will be able to help you answer questions about the true potential of your project as a crowdfunding campaign, about what are the necessary steps to undertake to build the momentum ahead of it, and as well as what is the best timing for you to launch it.


Plus Accounting - Luke Thomas


 Contact number: 01273 701200 


Plus Accounting is a firm of chartered accountants, registered auditors & business advisers in Brighton. As you would expect from a firm of chartered accountants, we offer a comprehensive range of accounting and tax services for clients that operate in the Video Games Development sector. So whether you are planning on starting out on your own, opening a new indie dev’ studio, expanding your studio or the time has come to consider a sale, we can provide you with the support and guidance that you need. You may need guidance on the most appropriate tax structure for your new business, help raising funds to expand, guidance on improving your accounting system and KPI reporting or an EMI share option plan to incentivise key staff. Significantly, we also have extensive experience in dealing with video games tax relief claims for our clients. We can help with all of these matters and much more. - Ting Zhang & Jiao Li

 Email: &

 Contact number: 07803708702 provides instant access to the Chinese speaking talent, cultural expertise and multi-lingual support businesses need to achieve their goals.  Services offered range from translation to interpreting; recruitment, sales and business development; digital marketing and other business support. We're happy to answer questions on:

  • Culture & language: what culture differences you need to be aware; how to ensure effective communication with Chinese counterparts.
  • Operational & Commercial, including Skills & Resources:  What challenges companies typically encounter, in setting up office, recruiting, contract negotiation, IP issue, logistic problems etc,  and how to overcome these.
  • Marketing & Comms: what channels are more effective to use in China, main challenges and ways to solve them.