Ukie Student conference at London South Bank University

Hosted at London South Bank University the Ukie Student conference saw exclusive talks and workshops run by industry insiders.

Talks from influential industry names, touching on topics such as creative game design, business models, PR and how to build a career in the games industry were held throughout the day.

The event was generously supported by Jagex and Epic Games and was part of the London Games Festival.

Selected talks are available to view below: 

Ian Hamilton - Ian Hamilton Consulting - Accessibility in Gaming

Kim Parker Adcock - OPM, One chance on a first impression 

Deborah Mensah-Bonsu - Space Ape Games - The Space Ape Masterclass 

Chris Filip - Games East - Alternative ways to get into the industry 

Chris Knowles - Jagex - Why making games is about more than valid software 

Kish Hirani - Terra Virtua - Latest trends in technology