Digital Schoolhouse launches brand new e-safety report

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Today our Digital Schoolhouse (DSH) team, launched their latest research report ‘Online Safety: A Pupil’s Perspective’. The report surveyed over 2000 pupils on their perceptions of e-safety in education and at home. It has some insightful findings on just how much children really know about e-safety whether playing video games, chatting online or using social media.

Key points from the report include:

  • 90 percent of pupils recognized that e-safety is an issue of importance
  • Only 2 percent of pupils said they had no confidence at all in their own ability to stay safe
  • 77 percent of pupils know where to find information on how to play games safely and responsibly
  • 80 percent of students who play games online know where to find information on playing safely and responsibly, compared to 59 per cent of those that don’t play games online
  • Only 19 percent of students said that their parents set limits about their time spent online and actually enforced it. 35 per cent of students said there were no limits at all
  • 63 percent of parents talk to their children about staying safe online

In addition to the report launch, DSH today also announced Ubisoft as its latest games industry partner. Ubisoft join PlayStation, SEGA, Warwickshire County Council and others as the industry continues to come together to help DSH deliver its goal of engaging the next generation of pupils and teachers with creative computing. We would like to extend a warm welcome and thanks to Ubisoft, and we’re very much looking forward to what the future will bring for DSH.

You can find the e-safety report on DSH’s website here.