Inquiry into immersive and addictive technologies launched

The Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee, a cross party group of influential MPs, have launched a new inquiry into ‘immersive and addictive technologies’. The inquiry seeks to examine the development of immersive technologies, such as Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR and AR respectively), and the potential impact they could have in the worlds of sport, entertainment and news.

More concerning is that how the inquiry also seeks to investigate the ‘addictive nature”' of ‘some technologies’ and how they can affect “users’ engagement with gaming and social media”.

The Committee is seeking submissions on the following topics:

  • The immersive media industry
  • What factors have led to the UK’s success in the gaming sector? What skills are needed? Is current funding sufficient?
  •  The wider uses of “gamification” and VR/AR
    How is “gamification” being used to promote positive outcomes? How are other industries and art forms using gaming and VR/AR? What are the limitations or challenges of “gamification”? How successfully is the Government’s ‘Culture is Digital’ agenda advancing immersive technologies?
  •  Tackling digital and gaming addiction
    What is digital addiction and gaming addiction, and how do they differ from other forms? What is the scale of the problem and what support do those with digital or gaming addiction need?
  • The links between gaming and gambling
    What are the links between gaming and gambling? What are the effects of in-game spending, especially on children, and does it need stronger monitoring or regulation? What challenges and opportunities do gaming and eSports offer the gambling industry and how should that be managed?

You can read all about the full scope of the inquiry here.

As you can see from the topics above, this is a very important inquiry for the games industry.

Ukie will be submitting a response as the trade body for UK interactive entertainment and so we encourage you to submit any information you have on the inquiry to us here.