The Hotline is Back – Get Free Advice from Industry Experts!

The annual Ukie Hotline is back and this year we have more companies involved than ever! The Hotline has been set up to allow you to get completely free advice from industry experts across various disciplines; PR, legal, recruitment, finance, business development and much more.

This initiative provides the perfect opportunity to take advantage of some completely free advice from companies within our membership pool. 

How does it work? 

Each day will see a different Ukie partner take to the phone and twitter to answer your questions, completely free of charge. 

When is this happening? 

The Ukie Hotline will commence on the 22nd of July and will last 3 weeks with a different partner taking part each day. You’ll be able to contact them between 10:00am and 16:00pm via phone. There will also be a 2-hour period each day in which each partner will be answering questions via the Ukie twitter page

How can I get my free advice? 


All experts will be available for free via the phone number listed on their pages. Please scroll down and click any of the linked partners to see their contact details. 

Twitter Takeover

Send your questions in to our twitter account (DM) between 14:00pm and 16:00pm on their given day. The expert will then respond to these tweets via our account. 


All participants emails are listed on their contact pages below. Feel free to email them whenever you would like to, not just during the Ukie Hotline. All experts are willing to answer your questions at any time.  

Which companies are taking part? 

Below is a list of Ukie member companies taking part along with the date they'll be on the Hotline. Click on each of the company's name below to see more information about what they do, what they can help you with and how to contact them. 

Week 1 

Partner (Click through to individual page)
22nd July
10am - 4pm
Renaissance - Stefano Petrullo 
Communication/PR for video game
23nd July
10am - 4pm Legal/Law advice specific to video games industry
24th July
10am - 4pm
GG Insurance Services - Phil Wildman
Insurance for the video games sector 
25th July
10am - 4pm
Accessibility Consultant - Ian Hamilton 
Accessibility for gamers with disabilities
26th July
10am - 4pm
Myriad Associates - Chris Dowsett 
Video games tax relief, R&D tax credits & grants

Week 2 

Partner (Click through to individual page)
29th July
10am - 4pm
Amiqus - Kim Hunt
Specialist in games recruitment 
30th July
10am - 4pm
Amazon Game Tech - Nick Ferguson
Cloud computing and software services
31st July
10am - 4pm
Plus Accounting - Luke Thomas  
Accounting and tax services for video game sector
01st Aug
10am - 4pm
Game Dragons - Philip Oliver Experienced video game consultants 
02nd Aug
10am - 4pm
Identity Spark - Natalie Griffiths
Branding, marketing and communications

Week 3 & 4 

Partner (Click through to individual page)
05th Aug
10am - 4pm
Martin Tripp Associates - James Dodd 
Executive search head hunters specialising in entertainment
06th Aug
10am - 4pm KWP - Kevin Williams Consultancy in immersive out-of-home entertainment 
07th Aug
10am - 4pm
Oury Clark - Andrew Oury 
Legal and accountancy firm
08th Aug
10am - 4pm
Universally Speaking - Tim Horton Localisation, QA, audio, app store optimisation 
09th Aug
10am - 4pm
Venatus Media - Rocco Quaradeghini
Game and entertainment advertising 
12th Aug 10am - 4pm Ansibly PR & Communications - Tracey M  Branding, marketing and communications
For more information about this initiative or to find out how to get involved in future events please contact Leon.