The Journo/Dev Swap returns at Ukie this September


Back in 2012 Ukie hosted a rather special game jam. Named 'Journo/Dev Swap', it challenged game press to step up as developers, while game devs attended to cover the jam as press. Well; after a long wait the Journo/Dev Swap game jam is back.

We've partnered with Alzheimer's Research UK to make the 2019 jam possible. They are on board as our sponsor, will provide the theme to inspire our jammers, and are continuing to explore the ways in which games can be embraced so as to engage and educate millions of people, or even be a tool to contribute to research into dementia.

Credit to game developer and consultant Will Luton for coming up with the original idea. Back when he contributed a regular column to game industry magazine Develop, a deadline was drawing near. That experience made Luton ponder how both making games and writing about them have their own pressures. Do most game journalists appreciate what it takes to make the medium they cover? Do most game developers understand the effort involved in journalism? Could we all learn a little more about the relationship between games and game coverage by swapping roles? Those are the questions Journo/Dev Swap 2019 hopes to explore.

The press attending Journo/Dev Swap 2019 as developers will make their games to a theme within a strict time limit, while the real developers will cover the event as journalists, submitting news, features and reviews to be published at a real publication, and under real deadlines.

Each journalist will be partnered with a student game developer to guide them through their intensive debut in the world of making games, while the developers will have access to an on-site journalist mentor. We'll also make sure the right dev tools are available.

And, after a panel of judges have checked out the games, we'll even host a playful awards ceremony at the jam site. Those in the game industry and Ukie members are welcome to drop by any time during the hours of the jam, whether they just want to check out the games and hang out, or encourage and advise our intrepid developers and journalists. And, of course, press and videographers are welcome to stop by and cover the event.

At present there is some capacity for more developers, journalists, judges and students to sign up, so it's not too late to get involved.

The jam hours are as follows:
Friday, September 27th – 1PM-6PM
Saturday, September 28th – 9AM-7PM
Sunday, September 29th – 9AM-4PM

In 2012 the jam was fun, energetic, fascinating and thought-provoking. We hope it will be all those things in 2019 - just more so.

The 2019 Journo/Dev Swap will be taking place in the Ukie office in central London from Friday, September 27th to Sunday, September 29th.

If you're a developer who is interested in acting as a member of the press, email

Or if you're a journalist interested in finding out more about the event, please email for more information.