Introducing Game Dev London

We are delighted to introduce Game Dev London’s association with UKIE!

Game Dev London is a collective of developers, artists, designers, and all round gaming enthusiasts working together to give back to the UK game industry! 

We want to bring knowledge to the games industry wherever it can be found, so whether that's via our interviews with game dev veterans, via our podcasts exploring all facets of game design, or via our Game Dev Lunch meet up events where everyone gets to know each other face-to-face, we are helping to bring the UK games industry together.

We also provide a ton of community-driven resources available to help you get started!

From Vlog/Podcasts, live streams, blogs, and other resources, all can be found via our website,

Announcing the first Game Dev London special event, on June 19th we are celebrating games and museums with an Animal Crossing live stream! 

Rarely do natural history and video games collide as much as they do in the wonderful natural history museum located on your home island in Animal Crossing. The owl-eyed curator is always keen to pass on his knowledge of the fantastical fossils and intriguing insects (even if they do make him a little scared!). But how do you know if Blathers is giving you all the information you need? 

Game designer Elizabeth Simoens invites exhibitions and display coordinator at the Sedgwick Museum of Earth Sciences Rob Theodore to her island to visit the museum and explore all of the fossils Elizabeth has donated during her time in Animal Crossing. 

This live stream will be co-hosted by the Game Dev London podcast and the University of Cambridge Museums, and will feature Rob giving expert answers to Elizabeth’s questions about her virtual fossil collection!