Looking after employees in the post COVID-19 workplace

Two free services for Ukie members from Ukie member Connor Broadley. 

The post Covid-19 workplace is likely to be very different both in the short and the long term. Social distancing requirements will have an immediate impact on businesses, and ever-changing employee expectations of what they want from an employer will now only be accelerated.

Connor Broadley is an independent company specialising in employee benefit consultancy. Our team advises companies, big and small, on how to create, implement and maintain appropriate benefit programmes.

As a partner of Ukie, we are currently offering two free services to its members – mini-benefits reviews and financial clinics.

Mini benefits reviews

These have two elements. Firstly, we look at the demographic of a company and discuss the benefits that would be most appropriate; a good example of this is management teams wanting support for their families, whilst younger workers may be looking for interactive benefits.

The second element of the review is taking a look at any current schemes in place such as private healthcare or life assurance, to ensure the full benefits offered under the schemes are being maximised, this also include the company’s pension scheme to see if it can be run more cost effectively.

Financial planning clinics

Money worries are the biggest source of stress to UK employees* and exacerbated by current circumstances. If people are worried about money in their personal life it can impact not just their overall wellbeing, but also how focused and engaged they are when working.

While employees are often hesitant to ask their employers for direct help with financial issues, they welcome the idea of getting impartial support. According to research by HM Treasury and the FCA, 57% of employees would like financial guidance in the workplace.

We offer confidential financial guidance sessions with a qualified financial adviser. Employees can book a 30-minute one-to-one online chat with an adviser, to discuss any financial matter big or small — from pensions, insurance and mortgages, to budgeting, savings or managing debt.

* CIPD, Financial wellbeing at work strategy.

These free services are available for a limited time, if finding out more about them is of interest to you, or one of your colleagues, please email Leon Cliff at Ukie and he will put you in contact with us.