Play&Talk: Ukie team's top multiplayer tips ahead of the loneliness busting weekend

The Play&Talk weekend is here. Taking place on the 20th-21st June, we’re encouraging everyone across the UK to find an hour with friends or family this weekend, play their favourite game together online and chat while doing so to combat loneliness.

But which games should you think about dipping into? We asked Team Ukie to tell us about the games that they most love playing online together.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Jo Twist

I am really finding Animal Crossing: New Horizons my tonic. I had my first ever visitor who I did not know come to my island for the first time ever this week and I felt a bit anxious. But now I have done it once, I think I will start asking my mates over to my island and have them on voice chat so I don’t have to awkwardly type…so long as they don’t plunder all my peaches. 

Halo 3 – Leon Cliff

I still play Halo 3 co-op to this day, 13 years on from release, with the same group of people I did back then. It was through this means I made some friends in America and despite never meeting these people in person, we still play this campaign together online. 

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe – George Osborn

At the start of lockdown, and with the help of a friend Tommy Thompson, we set up a twice a week Mario Kart session to talk to friends in the industry. We now have a group of about 15 people dipping in and out of races every Tuesday and Thursday, chatting together on Discord and raging/celebrating when a last minute blue shell changes everything.

Call of Duty Warzone – Dom Shaw 

It’s been a while since I’ve played a Call Of Duty game, yet I didn’t think I would have so much fun playing Call Of Duty: Warzone. Working with friends to survive the Battle Royale, making dollars for days on Plunder or having the chance to temporarily play on Shipment with Batons. A great time is had and it doesn’t even cost a penny!

GT Sport – Mo Ali 

My kids enjoy playing GT Sport and watching me play so it is a way for us to do something together during lockdown.  They get excited every time “we” win a new car and it’s good for me to see their competitive side.

A Way Out – Luke Hebblethwaite

Before lockdown, I was never really one for multiplayer online games, generally preferring the escapism and me-time of single player experiences to raucous internet battle royales. However, after being confined to barracks for a while and dreading the possibilities of yet more Zoom calls, I picked up PlayStation Plus for both my brother and I, and we’ve been working our way through Hazelight Studio’s collaborative prison escape ‘A Way Out’. It’s great having the drama take centre stage, so we’re not stuck talking about our own involuntary incarceration.


Jackbox Party Games – Grace Shin

My friends and I are massive fans of the Jackbox party games and they’ve come in so handy during lockdown. We set up a video call to chat whilst we play with a couple of drinks and it’s as if we are all together again. Its full of laughs and great fun, and it really does feel like we’re all in the same room.

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