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#PlayApartTogether: Keeping occupied in Lockdown with Scott Mann MP


Under lockdown, more people than ever are accessing games to stay connected, maintain their wellbeing, and keep entertained. To reflect the importance of games in this period Ukie will be interviewing key policy makers and industry leaders on what games they're playing during isolation, and recommendations for responsible play time.

This week, member of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Video Games and Esports, and MP for North Cornwall Scott Mann walks us through what he and his family have been up to during lockdown.

How are you keeping yourself (and/or your family) occupied in these times of self-isolation, physical and social distancing?

After completing the heavy caseload coming into the inbox at the moment, our family like to go out for a walk on the back lanes. I also practice Mindfulness daily and in the evenings I am catching up the The Crown on Netflix.

What games are you/your family playing in lockdown? Why these particular games?

On of my daughters is playing Animal Crossing on the Nintendo, my other girl is a Call of Duty player and our boy is playing Call of Duty and Rocket League. I am playing NI No Kuni 2 and Uncharted 4.

I like to take my mind off my work and being able to sink myself into a good game at the end of the day.

Do you play games alone or with others? If the latter, do you find they help keep you connected?

I am on PS plus and connect online sometimes. I like watching the kids play sometimes, they have quicker reactions than me.

Could you recommend any games?

Well I can definitely recommend Ni No Kuni 2, great value in the Playstation Sale. I’m also looking forward to getting Final Fantasy 7 when I can find the time to play it.

What resources would you recommend to help parents and carers manage and monitor game play for their children?

Apple screen time is a useful tool, as is Playstation parental controls.


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