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PlayUK Russia Virtual Mission brings together UK and Russian games industries in knowledge-sharing networking event

Delivered by Ukie in partnership with the Cultural and Education Section of the British Embassy in Moscow and the UK Department for International Trade in Russia, this series is a fantastic opportunity to meet Russian games professionals.

Please note that attendee details will be shared with the Cultural and Education Section of the British Embassy in Moscow and DIT after the event and you will be asked to provide feedback on the activity for quality and reporting purposes.

A guide to the UK games industry - Monday 17th January

The UK games market is the fifth largest in the world by consumer spend. However, it is a global leader in terms of development and publishing of games content.

In this event you will hear from games businesses on the latest trends in the UK, the routes to market and the opportunities that exist for overseas games companies to enter the UK market, establish a UK office and collaborate with local game studios.

Speakers include -

  • Anastasia Malysheva, DIT Russia - How DIT can support Russian companies with their activities in the UK
  • IPSOS - The current state of the UK market, consumer spend and engagement
  • Kostyantyn Lobov, Harbottle & Lewis - Setting up a UK office and using the tax system
  • Ben Ellis,Kwalee - How and why to work with a UK publisher
  • Speaker TBC - Public Relations and games promotion in the UK

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A guide to the Russian games industry - Tuesday 18th January

The Russian games market is an enigma for UK companies. The market potential is huge with a large, and highly engaged audience and yet UK games companies have struggled to find ways of reaching this audience and had even less engagement with the thriving games development and publishing community in the market.

In this event UK games companies will hear from leaders in the Russian games industry on the opportunities that exist today and in the future. Speakers will cover topics including latest market trends, the publishing and investment landscape, how the industry is connected with education and how to protect your IP.

Speakers include -

  • Neil Semple, Creative Content Lead, DIT London
  • Oleg Nesterenko, Managing Editor, GameWorldObserver.com - latest consumer trends and market demographics
  • Dmitriy Byshonkov, Global Business Development Manager, MY.GAMES and Roman Goroshkin, Business Development Manager, MY.GAMES - How to sell and promote game sales in Russia
  • Julia Gurieva, Senior Associate, Hogan Lovells - the key issues aroound IP rights in the Russian gaming industry
  • Pavel Pogorelenko, General Partner, GAME-A - the investment landscape in Russia
  • Oleg Dobroshtan, Chief Talent Officer, 101xp and Ekaterina Cherkes-Zade, Director, Universal University - talent development for the games industry
  • Matt Murphy, CEO Genba Digital
  • Games panel on the strengths and challenges of the Russian games industry, the business culture and the opportunities
  • Moderator Alexander Semenov, Editor-in-Chief, App2Top
  • Viacheslav Utochkin, Co-Founder, Geeky House
  • Kirill Gurskiy, Games & Entertainment Leader, GEM Capital
  • Roman Gurskiy, Games & Entertainment Leader, GEM Capital
  • Dmitriy Byshonkov, Global Business Development Manager, MY.GAMES
  • Roman Goroshkin, Business Development Manager, MY.GAMES

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Company meetings - Thursday 20th January

This FREE event will bring together UK and Russian games companies - developers, publishers, investors and technology companies in a series of 1-2-1 meetings.

Following registration on Eventbrite, companies will be asked to complete a profile on the excellent MeetToMatch matchmaking system and will then be given the opportunity to explore the system to find companies they want to meet.

The simple to use system will allow you to approach companies and propose meetings. If accepted, the meeting will be added to your diary. MeetToMatch also has an integrated video channel for the meetings themselves.

This is an amazing opportunity to meet, connect and start to work with games companies in the UK and Russia.

All companies that register to take part will be sent post event evaluations to report back on potential connections and to give feedback on the event.

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