PEGI becomes the sole classifier for video games in the UK

The Digital Economy Bill was this afternoon given Royal Assent. PEGI will therefore become the new classification system for video games in the UK during the next Parliament.

This follows a massive campaign led by UKIE to abolish the BBFC’s classification of adult rated games in the UK and replace it with the PEGI system overseen by the Video Standards Council.

Michael Rawlinson said:

‘This is a huge victory for child safety, UKIE and the games industry.’

‘It is the culmination of a 2 ½ year campaign based on hard work, commitment and determination’

‘At the beginning of the campaign no-one gave us a chance of success following the initial Byron Review and the DCMS Select Committee findings - both of which preferred the sole classification of videogames to be awarded to the BBFC.

‘A combination of a highly skilled political strategy coupled by the commitment of our board and members has seen us claim a victory against all the odds.’

‘This achievement once again reflects how far UKIE has travelled over the last five years in changing the attitudes of Parliament towards the games industry.’

Andy Payne, Chairman of UKIE said:

‘Age rating is absolutely essential for all games and UK government worked hard with the computer games industry to get a system in place that can work for all consumers.

This is now law and means we can move on to the next pressing areas for political engagement – namely consultation on the tax breaks, greater integration of the education system and the computer games industry and IP protection.

We look forward to working with the UK government and the games industry with the same proactive approach.’


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About UKIE

The Association for UK Interactive Entertainment represents all the major publishers of games in the UK. Founded in 1989 to establish a specific and collective identity for the country’s interactive leisure software industry, membership includes companies publishing and distributing leisure software in the UK. As a gateway to Europe, UKIE works to protect, promote and provide for the interests of all its members as well as addressing issues that affect the industry as a whole such as age ratings, child safety and IP protection.

UKIE works with members and media to illustrate the beneficial contributions that the UK videogames industry makes to the British economy as well as its influence in other industries. In addition UKIE works with GfK Chart-Track to compile weekly, monthly and annual charts and sales reports for the UK market.