UKIE welcomes new Ministers for Culture and Business

UKIE today applauded the appointment of the Secretaries of State for the departments of both Business and Culture, who hold joint responsibility for the videogames industry. Creative industries were cited by the Liberal Democrats and the Conservatives in the run up to the general election as providing a central role in creating a more balanced UK economy. The games industry therefore looks to work closely with the new government to ensure its continued success and firmly establish the importance of the creative sector in building a more secure economic future.

UKIE Director General, Michael Rawlinson, said, ‘I would like to congratulate the new head of culture, Jeremy Hunt MP and business, Vince Cable MP, on their appointments to the new government. We recognise the enormous challenges they face and we wish them well in their task.

“Over the last few years UKIE has worked hard to build relationships with all three major political parties. Consequently all relevant new Ministers are well aware of the needs of the games industry. We are therefore well placed to work closely with the government in tackling the issues we face. In particular we look forward to the implementation of consultation into tax breaks along with relevant parts of the Digital Economy Act - including tackling piracy and the establishment of PEGI as the single classification system for videogames in the UK.

Both the Liberal Democrats and the Conservatives showed great commitment towards the games industry in the run up the election. We look forward helping turn their vision for our industry into reality.”


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About UKIE

The Association for UK Interactive Entertainment represents all the major publishers of games in the UK. Founded in 1989 to establish a specific and collective identity for the country’s interactive leisure software industry, membership includes companies publishing and distributing leisure software in the UK. As a gateway to Europe, UKIE works to protect, promote and provide for the interests of all its members as well as addressing issues that affect the industry as a whole such as age ratings, child safety and IP protection.

UKIE works with members and media to illustrate the beneficial contributions that the UK videogames industry makes to the British economy as well as its influence in other industries. In addition UKIE works with GfK Chart-Track to compile weekly, monthly and annual charts and sales reports for the UK market.