GAME:UP Spring Event

GAME:UP is a non-vendor gaming analytics meetup that looks to build a community of people who both love video games and have a real interest in data science. 

The first event was back when winter was coming (tail end of November) and we want to meet a couple of times a year to discuss all things related to data science and games including:

  •       What has worked in user acquisition?
  •       How do you build an effective data science team?
  •       Has anyone ever run a successful revivals campaign?
  •       Cool in game analysis and models?
  •       And much more.

We hope you’ll join us. Register for free here. 


Peter Tillotson 

Acumed Consulting

Peter has been interested in data and how to use it since he was a boy. Having earned a PhD in electronic communications (specialising in machine learning for internet traffic routing), Peter spent over 16 years working for various consultancy firms, delivering technical solutions to that banking, social media, e-sports and gaming industries. His claim to fame is his analytics work on one of the biggest large-scale distributed computer games in the world (we won’t tell you which one). Peter is also a world class specialist in creating algorithms that work hard & fast on big problems, and helping businesses use that data to make better decisions. He regularly presents at conferences and is an avid believer in sharing experience and insights with others.


Alice Jennifer Moore

John Lewis & Partners

Digital Analytics Strategist and Performance Specialist

Topic: TBC


Arvid Kingl

Data Scientist and Games Enthusiast

Topic: Winning the Battle for Wesnoth

Originally coming from the Eastern part of Germany, Arvid studied Physics in Munich, Copenhagen and Birmingham. After obtaining a PhD in Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics, he became a Data Scientist working in a range of industries, such as Retail, Social Care and Consumer Lending.

When not working, Arvid enjoys reading and playing video games. His preferred type of games are roguelikes, turn-based games with elements of randomness and permanent player death.


Andrew Savory

Data Science Analyst – PC Game

Topic:  My First Six Months in Data Science

Although relatively new to data science, Andrew has a passion for seeing data transform from rows in a database to something more meaningful and presentable.

Andrew studied Mathematics at undergraduate level and Banking at postgraduate level and has had experience working in varied roles within construction and financial services before landing in the field of data science.

Away from work, Andrew is an avid football fan and supporter of Reading FC, which has extended to the gaming world, playing Football Manager whenever possible.


The Community

The community has a home on:

·      Meetup

·      Slack: (Joining information is in the Meetup page)