Monetization, More than Mobile

An online session and panel with 3 experts in product and monetization. Expect best practices on mobile and PC, discussing different models!

Join us for a discussion full of insights into games monetization. Not only will we be discussing best current practices in 2020, but we will address PC games and Steam and discussing player behaviour and expectations and how to manage those as a game developer, on mobile and more!

Everyone is welcome to join, whether you're making your first mobile game or would like to know how to improve your metrics!

The speakers

Lizzie Wilding is VP of Publishing for Dovetail Games, makers of fully detailed train and fishing simulators on console and PC. She has been part of the games industry for over 20 years working across marketing, business, community and digital channels for a wide range of global companies.

Mitchell is a 10 year veteran of the F2P games industry, working for such companies as Rovio, Space Ape, Next Games and now as Creative Director at Netspeak Games. He's also a former professional wrestling referee. He loves giving talks like this.

Oscar Clark is Chief Strategy Officer of Fundamentally Games LTD whose mission is to bring games to live. He has been a pioneer in games services since 1998 helping developers design, deliver, monetize, and operate games live. He literally wrote the book “Games As A Service” published by Routledge.

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