Policy papers

Ukie is the lead voice on the big policy issues facing the UK games industry. We gather our members' opinions and represent their views in a series of policy papers and we consult widely outside our membership when we need to. We make all our consultation responses available for anyone to read so you can see how we do things. 

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Ukie submission to Migration Advisory Committee consultation on Tier 2 Salary Thresholds

06 July 2015

Ukie response to Scottish Parliament inquiry into Economic Impact of the Creative Industries

13 January 2015

Ukie response to ONS consultation on Measuring the Digital Economy

03 November 2014

Ukie response to HM Treasury consultation on tax-advantaged venture capital schemes

20 October 2014

Ukie response to DCMS consultation on Digital Communication Infrastructure Strategy

20 October 2014

Ukie annual review 2014

25 September 2014
Ukie Annual Review 2014 Cover

Games Industry Manifesto For The Next Parliament

02 September 2014
Ukie Policy Manifesto

Ukie Manifesto - Have Your Say

04 August 2014

Ukie have been talking to our members, other games companies, and external stakeholders for the last few months, gathering ideas for our manifesto for the 2015 general election. We want your input on what we are planning to say.

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We want to put out a clear message to all the political parties about the cultural and economic importance of the games industry, and the changes the next government should implement to make the UK industry an even stronger presence in the global industry and an even bigger asset to the UK.

Having brought together ideas from all parts of the industry, we now have a draft of our core manifesto document. This sets out the three big areas where we think action is needed, and the priorities for what should be done.
We need to be sure that we are focusing on the right issues, and asking for the right things to help the games industry. And of course, that there aren’t any great ideas we’ve forgotten.
So we want to hear from as many members as possible to guide us on that. Download the document from the forum to see what we’re working on, and help us make it better. Or if you would prefer, email Andy to ask for a copy and give him your thoughts directly.


Ukie submission to Consumer Rights Bill Public Bill Committee

21 February 2014

Ukie response to OFT Principles for Children's Online Games

28 January 2014