Ukie confirms new deals with leading data companies

03 December 2015 - London, United Kingdom – Ukie agrees deals to provide data to UK games companies

Games trade body Ukie has today announced agreements with leading data companies to support games businesses with bespoke data on the digital games market in the UK.

UK based analytics company Reflection will provide mobile sales data, which will be distributed by Ukie, as a weekly chart, alongside existing charts for boxed software sales. At the same time New York based SuperData will provide digital sales data for use by Ukie and have announced a brand new UK market report.

Both data specialists already work extensively with games businesses but will, through agreements with Ukie, reach out to leading UK companies to improve data reporting and outputs. Ukie members will be able to access reports at preferential rates with additional discounts available for Ukie members who work directly with Reflection and Superdata.

In related news it has also been confirmed that Ginx TV will be broadcasting a brand new weekly games chart show, using boxed software data compiled by GfK and provided by Ukie. The show will first air in January.

CEO of Ukie, Dr Jo Twist, said, “Access to data is of the highest importance to the sector, as well as to Ukie as a trade body, so that we can act appropriately on behalf of the industry that we represent. Whilst it is notoriously difficult to track digital data, these measures will bring us closer to being able to judge the successes of our industry, and continue to grow using clear information about our games market.”

Gustav Leksell at Reflection added that they were delighted to be supporting the developer community with app market intelligence.

 “Getting a full picture of the market that includes categories like free-to-play MMOs and digital console, will be key to the UK industry’s domestic and international success,” said SuperData CEO, Joost van Dreunen. “Certainly, it’s a big job, providing transparency to such a fragmented market and I’m proud to say we’ve done a good job over the past years by tracking the monthly spending of 383,528 digital gamers in the UK. Teaming up allows extending the depth of our coverage and fulfil the ambition of providing a clear picture of the digital games market.”





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