New market-leading reports on usability and player experience launched

21 January 2016 - London, United Kingdom – UK games trade body agrees deal with leading user research company to provide new player experience reports  

Industry-leading playtesting and user research specialists Player Research are introducing a series of new reports focussing on usability and player experience. Ukie have been appointed exclusive seller and distributor of these reports.

The reports, collated by Player Research using their expert knowledge and practical experience from watching and analysing real players, gives unrivalled insight and guidance to games companies to help understand how games are actually being played.

Dr Graham McAllister, Director of Player Research, said, "Competing with, and surpassing, the most successful games in the world to deliver an engaging and accessible player experience is difficult, but can be achieved. Our first report on the base builder genre will help studios assess how the UX of their game compares to the industry leaders, and detail how to deliver a best-in-class experience".

The reports are both extensive and highly detailed and yet also published in an easily digestible way for games designers, programmers, producers, UI artists and the game development community at large.

The first report is for Base Builder games, focusing on four leading games in the genre; Clash of Clans, Star Wars Commander, Boom Beach, and Game of War: Fire Age.

The report is a result of hundreds of man-hours of expert analysis covering all aspects of game design, including user experience, usability, and social features and will be vital for any company working in this genre or considering entering it.

Dr Jo Twist, CEO of Ukie, said, “Understanding a player’s experiences and motivations is vital for any games business. If you truly understand your consumer you can grow your own games community and support your business growth. We’re proud to be able to deliver such high quality and robust reports from such a well-respected research company.”

The Base Builder report and all future reports will be available via Ukie. For cost information and a free sample report, contact





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About Ukie

The Association for United Kingdom Interactive Entertainment or Ukie (pronounced YOU-KEY) is a trade body that aims to support, grow and promote the whole of the UK’s games and interactive entertainment industry. Founded in 2010 (although formerly known as ELSPA), Ukie’s membership includes all the major UK and global games publishers and the best of UK development talent - from promising start-ups to some of the biggest, most successful studios operating in the UK today.

Ukie works with government to champion a range of issues including age ratings, education and skills, access to finance and protecting intellectual property rights. It also works with the media to ensure true and accurate representation of the sector by raising awareness of the industry’s positive economic contribution and the societal benefits of gaming to policy makers, regulators and consumers.

Some of the campaigns Ukie has been working on include the next gen skills campaign which pushed for computer science to be put back onto the national curriculum, - a website where families can learn about playing games safely and sensibly and Ukie Student Membership which bridges the gap between education and industry for students leaving higher education.

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About Player Research

Player Research is an award-winning user research studio in Brighton, UK. Established in 2012, Player Research has helped hundreds of developers across a wide variety of genres achieve their vision, and in doing so have impacted more than half a billion players worldwide. Clients of Player Research include chart-topping, number-one ranking, number-one selling, and award-winning titles across mobile, online, PC, indie, and AAA development.

Their researchers have backgrounds in Human-Computer Interaction, Computer Science, Psychology, Human Factors and Neuroscience. They’ve analysed hundreds of games, and undertaken thousands of hours of playtesting both at Player Research and elsewhere in the games industry, totalling decades of research experience.  

By drawing on expert knowledge as well as practical experience from watching and analysing real players they provide actionable and easily digested usability and player experience data for the game development community.

Twitter: @playerresearch