Ukie supports BGI and National Videogame Museum, calls on industry to go further to fill public funding gap for games culture

Thursday 28th November - Ukie has further demonstrated its support for video games culture and education by making the BGI charity and its National Videogame Museum (NVM) a member of the trade body.

The move, which was unanimously ratified by the Ukie board, brings the charity into the trade body’s membership – which consists of over 450 businesses, companies and academic institutions operating across the UK interactive entertainment business.

The decision comes as the video games and interactive entertainment sector continues to struggle to receive public funding for cultural purposes.

Despite the industry’s demonstrable national economic, cultural and historic footprint, major public funding sources, such as the Arts Council and the National Lottery that are available to the wider creative industries, are currently hard for games organisations to access.

Ukie has called for the next Government to correct this funding gap in its Next Level manifesto.  As well as supporting both the BGI and the NVM, Ukie calls on the UK games industry to help fund this important national institution until more public funding becomes available.

In doing so, the intention is to show to policy makers that support for the essential educational, cultural and historical work done by the UK’s only charity dedicated to games culture can deliver additional long term value to the UK’s thriving games sector.


Dr Jo Twist OBE, CEO of Ukie, said: “Games have a cultural significance and the NVM has a role to play in preserving and presenting this to the public. Supporting it shows our long term commitment to celebrating our industry culture and we hope it goes from strength to strength”

Stuart Dinsey, Chair of the Ukie Board, said: “We encourage companies and individuals to visit Sheffield and support our industry’s heritage as patrons or sponsors. While we continue to fight for public funding for games culture through our Next Level manifesto, the sector can make a valuable contribution to preserving heritage in the coming years”

Claire Boissiere, Vice Chair of the BGI Trustees: “I’m super excited about the possibilities this deeper collaboration between Ukie and BGI opens up and I’m looking forward to working together on future initiatives.”