Video games industry levels up the UK, with 55% of game development roles based outside of London and South East


Tuesday 28th January, 00:01 - 55% of game development jobs in the UK are based outside of London and the South East, according to a new regional economic impact report released by the video games and interactive entertainment industry trade body Ukie. 

Think Global, Create Local is a new analysis of the BFI’s Screen Business report1, which measures the number of jobs and the amount of gross value added (GVA) the games industry contributes to the economies of towns, cities, regions and devolved nations of the UK. 

It demonstrates for the first time the wide extent of the video games industry’s regional footprint, including: 

- There are eight towns and cities in the country where the games industry generates over £60m in GVA into the local economy (Edinburgh, Newcastle Upon Tyne, Leamington Spa, Crawley and Horsham, Manchester, Guildford, Slough and Heathrow, and London) 

- As well as London and the South East, the games industry provides over 1,000 FTEs in development studio roles in each of the North West, East of England, West Midlands and Scotland. 

- The Scottish video games industry generates £131m in gross value add, making it the most economically productive of the devolved nations. 

- There are 23 towns and cities across the UK that are home to more than 20 local game companies. 

- £339m in GVA is generated by micro-businesses of less than 10 employees, representing 13.7% of the industry total, and employing 3,664 FTEs. 

- London is a billion pound video game cluster, generating £1.4bn in GVA and supporting over 5,100 FTEs across the capital. 

The report follows a commitment made in Ukie’s The Next Level Manifesto, released in December 2019, which asked government to help support the sector, local government and other organisations to further industry growth. 

You can read the report in full here:

Stuart Dinsey, Chair of the Ukie board, said: 

“This report demonstrates how the UK games industry’s regional strength is delivering a hugely positive economic return. 

Towns and cities of all sizes share in the high productivity jobs, commercial growth and cultural contribution that our sector offers. While UK games businesses are successful on the global stage, the direct benefits of their pioneering creative work are felt across the country. 

The video games industry has an important role to play in rebalancing the economy and creating skilled careers. We look forward to working with government and policy makers to bring the jobs of the future to local communities.”

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