The Association for United Kingdom Interactive Entertainment or Ukie (pronounced YOU-KEY) is a trade body that aims to support, grow and promote the whole of the UK’s games and interactive entertainment industry. Founded in 2010 (although formerly known as ELSPA), Ukie’s membership includes all the major UK and global games publishers and the best of UK development talent - from promising start-ups to some of the biggest, most successful studios operating in the UK today.

We also have distributors, academic institutions, new publishers, and media outlets that are integral to the lifeblood of the industry as part of the family.

Ukie works with government to champion a range of issues including age ratings, education and skills, access to finance and protecting intellectual property rights. It also works with the media to ensure true and accurate representation of the sector by raising awareness of the industry’s positive economic contribution and the societal benefits of gaming to policy makers, regulators and consumers.

One of Ukie’s key roles is to support its members by providing them with key market information, promoting careers and offering the business support services, training and best-practice knowledge to enable them to operate most effectively.

We also offer comprehensive events programme to give the games industry access to key information, leading industry figures and give everyone the chance to network. You can see our events programme here.

In addition, Ukie compiles weekly, monthly and annual retail charts and sales reports for the UK market.

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Latest press releases

Grand Theft Auto V Breaks 6m Boxed Copies Sold in UK

Author: Sophie Mangara


December 2016 - London, United Kingdom Boxed sales of Grand Theft Auto V top 6m in UK

Rockstar Games’ flagship title has contributed more to the British economy than any other single game title in history

Grand Theft Auto V has sold over 6 million boxed copies of the game in the UK since its launch in September 2013, Ukie GFK Chartrack data has shown this week.

UK esports sets out recommendations to government to make UK a global esports destination

Author: Sophie Mangara

Monday 28 November 2016 - London, United Kingdom - esports whitepaper launched today by games trade body in collaboration with UK esports sector to educate policymakers about the opportunities that esports presents to the UK

The trade body for games and interactive entertainment consulted with members of the UK esports community and today released the results in a whitepaper outlining eight recommendations for how the UK can become a global leader in esports.

Ukie AGM calls for games industry support for Digital Schoolhouse and announces 2016-17 Board of Directors

Author: Sophie Mangara

Thursday 22 September - London, United KingdomTrade body uses AGM at EGX to call for games businesses to support their local Digital Schoolhouse, take control of their data in The UK Games Map, and announce new Board of Directors

Ukie also formally announced the results of its 2016-17 Board election at the trade body’s AGM at EGX. and Ukie team up to inspire the next generation of games talent

Author: Sophie Mangara

Friday 26 August, 2016 - London, United Kingdom – Ukie Careers Bar and Career Fair return to EGX to bring industry wisdom to stars of tomorrow

Ukie, the trade body for the UK games and wider interactive entertainment industry, and, the world’s leading video games trade website, have today announced a renewed partnership to inspire and educate the next generation of games industry talent about how to build a successful career in the sector.

Ukie CEO: ‘UK is very much open for business’

Author: Sophie Mangara

11 July 2016 - London, United KingdomWeek of Westminster activity for trade body to reassure industry that the UK is the best place to make and sell games, and to position UK games sector at forefront of creative and technology industries post-Brexit talks

Games trade body Ukie held their annual Westminster Reception on Wednesday 6 July, during which CEO Dr Jo Twist OBE reminded the sector that the UK is ‘very much open for business’.


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