16 Apr 2015 to 17 Apr 2015

PG Connects Bangalore

Pocket Gamer Connects has established itself as THE leading mobile games event in the western world, catering to over 1,500 of the global mobile games industry’s top professionals in 2014 alone across London and Helsinki events.

PG Connects Bangalore
21 Apr 2015 to 23 Apr 2015

Quo Vadis

Quo Vadis is one of the top three European games industry conventions.

Quo Vadis logo
13 Apr 2015 to 14 Apr 2015

Ways To Fund Your Start-Up Company

Author: Jenny Brammall
Ella Romanos is the Commercial Director at Strike Gamelabs, and at the Student & Indie Games Conference at Staffordshire University she talked Ukie students through the different funding opportunities and methods available to start-up companies.