06 Apr 2016

LGF Fringe: Rocket Jump Presents

Ukie and member Moov2 present a series of talks from leading games industry professional women curated to inspire, enthuse and boost your studio and your career.

17 Mar 2016



An open mic night for technical people.

Imagine a Karaoke Night, but instead of singing, technical people take to the mic to share ideas, code, or ask for help. Then imagine this happening in a pub full of other like minded technical folk. This is {code}AOKE.

06 Apr 2016

Protecting IP from digital threats

Ukie's first IP related event is part of the London Games Festival will cover topics related to protetcing your IP online from digital threats.  The services available to members, how the information can be used and how it's used to disrupt and prevent infringing activity by working with UK Law E

04 Apr 2016 to 06 Apr 2016

Ukie Student Game Jam 2016

The Ukie Student Game Jam is returning for its third year on April 4-5 2016, as part of the new London Games Festival.

12 Apr 2016

VR World Congress

Following the sell-out SouthWest VR Conference in 2015, Opposable VR is thrilled to announce VR World Congress; a bigger & better event for Bristol, UK on the 12th of April, 2016.

17 Mar 2016

Survive the Future

Join the BBC and Creative Skillset for a day of free expert sessions offering practical tips, masterclasses and workshops on the skills, tools and techniques you need to thrive within the digital industries.